Temperatures in the path of a lightning bolt can reach as high as fifty thousand degrees Fahrenheit, five times you could look here hotter than the surface of the sun. The intense heat alongside the lightning channel makes the air expand explosively and then contract as it cools. The quick back and forth movement of air particles produces the sound waves call thunder.

There is a somewhat aging caricature of masculinity that turns weeping into a source of shame, as though someone who cries lacks courage or the integrity to hold himself together. On the other side of the gender line, the caricature is of the hysterical, emotional and irrational female, who weeps senselessly and at anything. However, aside from the flawed notion of the Stoic male repressing emotion, or the implied sexist assumptions of the out of control woman unable to contain herself, grief and even weeping are not shameful, but are necessary for healing and expressing authentic human empathy and emotion..

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