Centura Health is committed to providing health care services consistent with our Christian values. The Colorado End of Life Options Act permits health care providers to opt out of assisting qualified patients in medical aid in dying. Centura Health, like many Colorado hospitals, opted out of the act based on our Christian beliefs to promote and defend the sacredness of every human life..

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All models are 80 PLUS Gold certified and achieve an efficiency of up to 92 percent. High performance Japanese capacitors provide a stable DC output and safe regulations. Sufficient PCI Express port connectors and a 13.5cm fan with white LEDs make EDGE the ideal PSU for high end gamers and enthusiasts..

HTF MI also provides customized specific regional and country level reports for the following areas. North America: United States, Canada, and Mexico. South Central America: Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. Cr Eagle says smoking kills more than 50% of smokers and each year around 4,500 New Zealanders die because they took up smoking. The direct cost to the health system is estimated to be around $2 billion per year and exceeds tobacco related tax revenue. Wider costs to society are estimated at $10 billion due to smoking related illness and premature mortality[1]..

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